Polski Producent Tkanin

Welcome to the website JULTEX. We are a manufacturer of cotton fabrics, our main activity is the production of cotton bedding fabric (flat cotton, bark, cotton sateen, flannel, tickings, upholstery,). We operate in the textile market since 1999, the traditions of the companies we based on experience in the manufacture of textiles, bedding company Pamotex SA in Pabianice. After the company acquired the Pamotex SA, machinery and textiles production technologies. In 2006, after likwiacji biggest and best fabric bedding plants in Poland and in Europe, bielawskich BIELTEX and BIELBAW plants, also took over part of the machinery and traditions of these companies. Part of the crew which is also currently employing former employees of companies and BIELBAW BIELTEX, and it guarantees you and us to make products at the highest level and continue the best traditions in the production of bedding fabrics.

We specialize in the production of cotton fabrics, we also provide services for weaving and finishing tkanin.Nasze products are made ​​from high quality yarns and finished using the finest chemicals.

We offer raw and finished fabrics: dyed, printed, peeled, bleached.

We have our own unique and interesting design, which can be consulted on our website.

For wholesale bedding sets are able to produce from scratch, ie from production of raw fabric by finishing up to the finished product: uszytego and packaged. They may be patterns or designs in our collection proposed by the client.

We invite you to cooperation.